Super C Circulaire Flyer valid July 26 - August 1, 2018

Super C Circulaire Circulaire Flyer valid July 26 - August 1, 2018 - How to save more every week? Many ways to save that is by shopping in Super C store, Great deals, Weekly Specials, more discount, deals and lower prices every day, So don't miss offers from Super C flyer this week.

Who Own Super C? How many store does Super C have in Canada? Super C is a Quebec discount supermarket chain with more than 80 stores in Quebec. The stores average 4,103 square metres (44,164 sq ft) in size.

We ad match guaranteed Super C flyer effective 7/26/2018 - 8/01/2018

Super C Weekly Flyer valid July 26 - August 1, 2018

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  • Black Diamond Ficello Cheese Sticks $7.99 Sale Price $2.00 Savings 588 g. 
  • Yop Drinkable Yogurt $7.99 Sale Price $2.00 Savings 12/200 ml. 
  • Olymel Shaved Ham $3.99 Sale Price $1.00 Savings 150-175 g. 
  • O'Sole Mio Lasagna Or Pasta 2/$14.98 Sale Price $5.00 Savings O'Sole mio lasagna 1.27 k or pasta 1 kg. 
  • Cuisine Adventure French Canon Soup $4.99 Sale Price $3.50 Savings 570 g. 
  • Sleeman, Unibroue Beer 2/$29.98 Sale Price $5.00 Savings
  • Pacific Uncooked White Shrimp $12.00 Sale Price $3.00 Savings 71-90 un/lb., 700 g. 
  • Molson Coors Light Beer $27.99 Sale Price $5.00 Savings 28/341 ml. 
  • Asparagus $1.99 Sale Price 325 g. 
  • Very Large Cantaloupe $1.99 Sale Price Gr 9. 
  • Tropicana Refrigerated Juice $4.99 Sale Price 2.63 L. 
  • Danone Activia Yogurt, Astro Balkan Yogurt $1.99 Sale Price 650-750 g. 

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