Sobeys flyer Weekly valid October 7 - 13, 2022 Better Food for All

Sobeys flyer Better Food for all valid October 7 - 13, 2022 - Find the best bargains & money-saving offers, discounts, coupon, deals, great deals and more. You can start shopping at Sobeys store here.

Sobeys flyer product such as Food, Dely, Bakery, fresh produce, Beverage, snack, Shopping, household & Other best deals. Who is Sobeys Inc. store? Sobeys is the second largest food retailer in Canada, with over Two hundred sixty supermarkets operating in Canada and around fifteen hundred under a variety of banners.

Better Food for all sobeys flyer effective prices valid Oct 10/7/2022 - 10/13/2022

Sobeys Better Food for all valid October 7 - 13, 2022

Sobeys flyer Weekly valid October 7 - 13, 2022 Better Food for All

Sobeys flyer Weekly valid October 7 - 13, 2022 Better Food for All

Sobeys better food for all includes Red or Green grapes product of Mexico No1, 5.38/kg, Romaine hearts product of USA 3 pk or Organic, Sensations by compliments Boneless chicken breats or thighs air-chilled 1.00/kg, Fresh rainbow trout fillets subject to availability 17.61/kg, KRAFT peanut butter 750 g - 1kg, KELLOGG'S cereals selected 320-680 g or NUTELLA Hazelnut spread 375 g, SIMPLY Orange juice 1.75 L, LIBERTE Greek Yogourt 4 x 100 g or Mediterranee yogourt 500 g, Ristorante Thin Crust, ultra thin crust or casa di mama pizza 305-415 g, RUFFLES Potato Chips 245 g, DORITOS 230 - 255 g, MISS VICKIE'S 200-220 g, SKINNYPOP Popcorn 125 g or QUE PASA Organic Tortilla Chips 300 - 350 g & more

Produce, Snack-a-licious, Floral, Certified humane, seafood are featuring on page 4-5. Produce includes Taste of the tropics enjoy the rich, sweet, natural taste of tropical fruits, prepare for desserts, sauces and juices!, Delmonte cut fruit, coconut, Chuks, mango, pineaple or watermelon spears 200-794 g, Granadila tamarillo or passion fruit product of Colombia, Organic papaya product of Mexico 5.49/kg, Husked coconuts product of Dominican Republic, Cherimoya product of Mexico 8.80/kg, Large Red Mangoes product of Mexico or Organic.

  • Green or Red leaf lettuce product of Ontario, Red, yellow or Orange sweet peppers product of Ontario 6.59/kg,
  • Asparagus product of Ontario Canada no 1, 7.69/kg or Organic 11.00/kg,
  • Whole Seedless watermelon product of Mexico or USA or Quarters 99/lb,
  • DOLE Chop chop salads product of USA 262-301 g,
  • Raspberries product of Mexico 170 g.

Sobeys snack-alicious incl COMPLIMENTS Cashews raw, salted or unsalted 300 g, Small Spring mix, chicken spring mix, chicken caesar mandarin chicken salad 18.72/kg, Made fresh daily taco or Nacho dip 10.52/kg.

Floral incl Gorgeous flowering mandavilla or majesty palms 10" pot, Phalaenopsis Orchid in Deco Pot, Design your own chooose from lisianthus, gerbera or lilies, etc

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