Longos Flyer valid June 9 - 15, 2023

Longos Flyer a fresh tradition valid June 9 - 15, 2023 - Start saving today and get fresh food just for you. Produce, Organics, Locally grown, F.G. Lister & co. Ltd, Meat, Seafood, Kitchen, Deli and bakery, Grocery, Dairy & frozen are avalaible at Longos store.

Longos a fresh tradition including Clif Bars 12x68g case selected varieties, Fresh Green seedless grapes product of Mexico or U.S.A 4.39/kg, Delverde Pasta 250-450 pkg select varieties, Breyer's creamery style ice cream 1.66L tub or Europe's best frozen fruit 400-600g pkg selected varieties, True North seafood fresh atlantic salmon portion 113g skinless, astro yogourt 650-750g tub selected varieties and more.

Start flyer : June 6/9/2023 - 6/15/2023

Longos Flyer a fresh tradition valid June 9 - 15, 2023Longos Flyer valid June 9 - 15, 2023

Longos Flyer valid June 9 - 15, 2023

Fresh Produce from Longos such as Fresh largetree ripe peaches or nextarines product of U.S.A 6.59/kg, Fresh mangoes Mexico, Fresh limes USA, watermelon product of U.S.A 11lb average, Fresh campari tomatoes product of Ontario 454g pkg, Fresh corn prodyct of U.S.A 5 pack, Fresh sweet onion product of U.S.A 2.18kg, Fresh sweet Onion prodct of U.S.A 2.18/kg, etx.

Fresh Granadilla available at fresh product Longos stre.
Why not try Fresh Granadilla sample in store Saturday & Sunday, Fresh Granadilla product of Colombia
  • The fruit is orange to yellow coloured with small light markings.
  • The outer shell is hard and slippery, and it has soft padding on the interior to protect the seeds
  • Granadilla is the sweetes of the passion fruits
  • you can eat the pulp and seeds
  • it adds a wonderful new dimension to ice cream or yogourt or simply enjoy straight from the fruit with a spoon
  • Nutritional Value: Hig in vitamin C, A, B & iron

Longos Organics
Fresh organic strawberries product of U.S.A 1lb tray, Fresh organic kiwi product of Chile 1lb tray, Fresh organic sweet bell peppers product of Ontario 2 pack, Fresh organic greenbelt microgreens product of Ontario 75-140g pkg

Locally Grown
Fresh romaine lettuce product of Ontario bunch, Fresh tomatoes on the Vine product of Ontario 3.29/kg, Fresh seedless english cucumber product of Ontario, Fresh endive or escarole product of ontario bunch

F.G. Lister & Co. Ltd.
Fresh avocados product of Mexico, Fresh Pink Lady Apples product of U.S.A 4.39/kg, Fresh Pomegranate product of Peru, Fresh Cantaloupe Product of U.S.A

More Longos flyer store such as Meat, Seafood, Kitchen, Deli and bakery, Grocery, Dairy & frozen please visit Longos store near you.

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